Our Principles


Future Prelude firmly believes in the role that renewable energies have to play in order to tackle the global climate change issue. The use of Biodiesel has been proven to result in significantly-reduced emission, and helps to ensure long term energy security. Biodiesel also possesses better quality and is safer to handle.

Besides, by ensuring that our practice is sustainable in all aspects, we hope to mitigate the risk arising from the threat of global climate change.

Sustainability in Our Operation

Future Prelude is committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil as our feedstock. Far East and Prosper, as plantation companies, are sustainable palm oil producers. Examples of sustainable practice in their operations are such as:-

  • Plantation estates that are well planned and developed, utilising all available resources, almost  acting like secondary forest which is the habitat for many species of plants and animals.

  • Palm oil mills that are mostly self-sufficient in generating enough electricity to operate from steam produced through biomass process, through the use of fibers and shells from Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) as fuel for boilers.

  • Methane Gas Capturing System in the treatment of waste at the effluent ponds, and using this Methane Gas to generate electricity through biogas generator set. 

  • Engaging audits and inspections for certification of Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) sustainability programme, targeting RSPO certification in the future.

Future Prelude will also strive to acquire accreditation from relevant certification bodies to ensure that our operation is carried out in the most sustainable manner. We will continually minimise the environmental impact of our operations by reducing emissions, waste, water discharges and use energy and other resources efficiently.

At Future Prelude, we see our efforts to address these environmental issues not only as our responsibility, but also as a business opportunity.

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